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Survival during Covid’19: An Earning Perspective

This global pandemic has affected the whole world. The production of several industries is lagging behind due to this Covid’19 situation. The sales of physical products other than pharmaceuticals and necessities have also decreased to a drastic point. Investment patterns have also changed. People are constrained to homes. Most of the employees have lost their jobs.

In the current situation, the survival is tough not only from health point of view but also from an earning perspective. As working in a physical environment is tough during this pandemic, so, we need to shift our working style and environment. We need to work through online platforms.

Speaking from my experience, when I got tested positive for the virus, I didn’t lose hope. I continued fighting it and sought to different opportunities to continue giving me a sense of accomplishment and decent earning. One of my colleagues tried to help me and suggested me to join affiliate program of assesses the need of today’s world, may it be intangible products, artificial intelligence or intelligent insights. is offering intangible products like polls, surveys, forms and feedback with intelligent insights and it has an attractive affiliate program too. is offering great commission rates for affiliates. As a part of, you don’t only earn on your sales but also on the sales of other affiliates who joined using your promotional link. In short, GO DIGITAL, STAY SAFE!!!

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Exploring Blogs with

Not many of us would know that the very common word ‘blog’ is actually a truncation of the word ‘weblog’, which is a piece of text uploaded on the world wide web for the purpose of conveying information or personal views about any topic in the world.

While the original style of composing a blog has the feel of a journal or diary entry, the latest kinds of blogs acquire several tones ranging from argumentative, defensive, informative, poetic, etc. The topics being addressed in a blog can vary from political or technological to an expression of an opinion pertaining to any current food or fashion trend.

A characteristic feature that makes blogs so popular in modern times is the short and to-the-point attribute of the composition. Blogs provide a precise yet complete outlook of the topic, often including an impact of the writer’s personal view on the same.

Another undeniably important fact attributed to the rapid rise in popularity and usefulness of blogs is that they encourage the trend of reading and writing in the technology-driven generation of today. has taken advantage of the fact that youngsters are inclined to writing blogs to quench their need of being expressive and saying out aloud what is there on their mind to give them a sense of freedom. It may be opinions on current news and affairs or enlightening the minds with newer ideas and updated values.’s platform provides a prime opportunity to ambitious writers to polish their writing skills by writing blogs on diverse subjects while also making suitable money off them and encourages them in taking minor steps towards financial independence.

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The pandemic of Covid-19 is a harsh reality of the present global situation. The description of this state is not limited to its medical repercussions; it seems to have emerged as a wrath affecting all walks of life. The entire world seems to be in a state of emergency.

Organizations and industries have been shut down. Schools and offices are closed. Entertainment avenues have been shut down. Unemployment and shortage of basic supplies is at the highest since decades. The global level economic downfall is only one side of the picture of the destruction it has caused.

Perhaps this loss can be covered in a matter of years; the real dilemma is in the form of the blow that it has caused on the mental health of people. One human is afraid of another, in fear of contracting a death sentence in the form of this virus.The toll it has taken on mental peace and stability will continue for a much longer time and cannot be quantified.

In these times of calamity and hopelessness, provides a platform for individuals from all over the world to interact in one space and exchange knowledge, ideas and support so that together we may emerge victorious from the calamity that has struck upon our world. It has developed an Affiliate program with the intention of providing some moral and financial support to its users.

In this program, the user starts making money by bringing more customers and affiliates to One simply has to create an affiliate account, copy paste the linking code into the website, blog or video and witness their growing account balance as more and more visitors become our customers.

Interested applicants can sign up with the program for tapping the learning and earning opportunities we provide through our mainstream operation of conducting polls and surveys to generate valuable feedback from the targeted population. We provide a platform for individuals from all over the world to interact in one space and exchange knowledge, ideas and support so that together we may emerge victorious from the calamity that has struck upon our world.

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Internship Program at is a renowned software company based in California specializing in artificial intelligence for customer insights. It gives its users an opportunity to create polls and surveys, for personal or marketing purposes, as per individual preference. To keep up with the latest requirements, these features are also provided in kiosk. It also runs an affiliate program providing earning prospects for ambitious individuals all over the world.

It proudly offers this internship program which consists of several promising features. At, our interns can expect a productive environment, with just the right balance of challenge and mental stimulation. We provide excellent learning opportunities, surpassing geographical boundaries, as this is a platform where people from all over the world collaborate their efforts. There is a healthy exchange of information, ideas and learning strategies which broadens the horizon of our aspirants. provides effective training that ensures global level skill development and professionalism. The environment at gives a positive confidence to individuals and makes them comfortable with their uniqueness and identity regardless of the cultural differences.

Our core values include discipline and professionalism; we constantly groom our interns by appreciating their hard work, respecting their opinions and providing constructive criticism. Some very worthy and experienced professionals regularly hold their interactive sessions at, to provide added learning opportunities and valuable feedback. is well known for its work environment which is maintained in a manner that allows interns to interact with each other and establish healthy work relationships, coordinating and cooperating with one another, in true essence of teamwork. The efforts of our young workers are lauded and rewarded. Working with us will not just be another charm on your CV, we will be instilling in you the spirit of academic and personality growth as well as financial contentment.

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