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Thank God it’s a Long Weekend

‘Is it a holiday in USA?’, my friend asked and continued ‘And did you manage learning something out of it?’ The thought provoking question raised many perceptions that I felt would make for a great read.

In recent months, I began contemplating life differently. It started with my concern for my family and to enlighten them amply with all precautions to be taken as protection from Corona. And in that process, the safety initiatives for part time workers i.e. the cleaning ladies, part-time drivers and cooks at homes, worried me. Not just these, the inevitable health risk associated with active visiting business and school hours made me ponder about helplessness of humans in general and how we have all reached a point where being engaged in regular life activities could be detrimental to health.

My biggest learning is that there is absolutely no correlation between Education and being Corona-smart. There is an intangible conflict between taking risks in life and the risk of losing earnings on the other hand. And our tendency to take risk is also a function of public news, regardless of being authentic or a mere propaganda, and the number of casualties surrounding us.

 Another recent realization developed is a comprehension of general psychology where the norm is to adapt to the ‘tough environment’- either we end up getting used to it or act cautiously and carefully against it.

Keeping in consideration my growing concerns, I initiated different platforms via that intend to create awareness for caretakers of elderlies. A worksheet has been created modeling ‘Risk of having a part-time servant’ and ‘Risk of visiting office’. Since it is a predominant element now, risk calculator needs to be put in the hands of care takers of elderlies. Youtube video complimenting the model has been made too.

A PhD scholar, also serving as an Intern at, gave a valuable suggestion of creating Forms, Surveys or Polls allowing people to mention their situations, for example smoking or staff, to calculate risk. As per my thinking, an iPhone or Android App that calls API of shall calculate the risk based on criteria and solve this problem. Nonetheless, this belongs to the expertise of a hackathon or a Software developing intern who could provide assistance with this function.

My belief is that could prove to be a beneficial platform here, allowing people to create Forms that can compute on the fly after which we can attain results and analyze them. is not only aimed at generating profits but makes a conscious decision of acting as a social awareness tool.

This leads to the announcement of introducing a backlog feature to be revealed shortly!

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