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Survival during Covid’19: An Earning Perspective

This global pandemic has affected the whole world. The production of several industries is lagging behind due to this Covid’19 situation. The sales of physical products other than pharmaceuticals and necessities have also decreased to a drastic point. Investment patterns have also changed. People are constrained to homes. Most of the employees have lost their jobs.

In the current situation, the survival is tough not only from health point of view but also from an earning perspective. As working in a physical environment is tough during this pandemic, so, we need to shift our working style and environment. We need to work through online platforms.

Speaking from my experience, when I got tested positive for the virus, I didn’t lose hope. I continued fighting it and sought to different opportunities to continue giving me a sense of accomplishment and decent earning. One of my colleagues tried to help me and suggested me to join affiliate program of assesses the need of today’s world, may it be intangible products, artificial intelligence or intelligent insights. is offering intangible products like polls, surveys, forms and feedback with intelligent insights and it has an attractive affiliate program too. is offering great commission rates for affiliates. As a part of, you don’t only earn on your sales but also on the sales of other affiliates who joined using your promotional link. In short, GO DIGITAL, STAY SAFE!!!

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