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Not many of us would know that the very common word ‘blog’ is actually a truncation of the word ‘weblog’, which is a piece of text uploaded on the world wide web for the purpose of conveying information or personal views about any topic in the world.

While the original style of composing a blog has the feel of a journal or diary entry, the latest kinds of blogs acquire several tones ranging from argumentative, defensive, informative, poetic, etc. The topics being addressed in a blog can vary from political or technological to an expression of an opinion pertaining to any current food or fashion trend.

A characteristic feature that makes blogs so popular in modern times is the short and to-the-point attribute of the composition. Blogs provide a precise yet complete outlook of the topic, often including an impact of the writer’s personal view on the same.

Another undeniably important fact attributed to the rapid rise in popularity and usefulness of blogs is that they encourage the trend of reading and writing in the technology-driven generation of today. has taken advantage of the fact that youngsters are inclined to writing blogs to quench their need of being expressive and saying out aloud what is there on their mind to give them a sense of freedom. It may be opinions on current news and affairs or enlightening the minds with newer ideas and updated values.’s platform provides a prime opportunity to ambitious writers to polish their writing skills by writing blogs on diverse subjects while also making suitable money off them and encourages them in taking minor steps towards financial independence.

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