Internship Program at is a renowned software company based in California specializing in artificial intelligence for customer insights. It gives its users an opportunity to create polls and surveys, for personal or marketing purposes, as per individual preference. To keep up with the latest requirements, these features are also provided in kiosk. It also runs an affiliate program providing earning prospects for ambitious individuals all over the world.

It proudly offers this internship program which consists of several promising features. At, our interns can expect a productive environment, with just the right balance of challenge and mental stimulation. We provide excellent learning opportunities, surpassing geographical boundaries, as this is a platform where people from all over the world collaborate their efforts. There is a healthy exchange of information, ideas and learning strategies which broadens the horizon of our aspirants. provides effective training that ensures global level skill development and professionalism. The environment at gives a positive confidence to individuals and makes them comfortable with their uniqueness and identity regardless of the cultural differences.

Our core values include discipline and professionalism; we constantly groom our interns by appreciating their hard work, respecting their opinions and providing constructive criticism. Some very worthy and experienced professionals regularly hold their interactive sessions at, to provide added learning opportunities and valuable feedback. is well known for its work environment which is maintained in a manner that allows interns to interact with each other and establish healthy work relationships, coordinating and cooperating with one another, in true essence of teamwork. The efforts of our young workers are lauded and rewarded. Working with us will not just be another charm on your CV, we will be instilling in you the spirit of academic and personality growth as well as financial contentment.

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