RIPE Internship

“The only source of knowledge is experience” ~ALBERT EINSTEIN

Cooperation, negotiation, self management; these are some of the things we don’t learn in school and even if we do, we don’t know how to apply it practically. Albert Einstein once said “ The only source of knowledge is experience”, and I couldn’t believe it more . Despite the fact that in school my subjects revolved around computer science, I would have never gotten the experience I got from this internship at It not only gave me knowledge, but I also learned how to apply it. taught me the work ethics of an office. It trained me to work hard, to never give up and achieve all that I am aiming for. I was given projects with deadlines and was challenged to do my best to meet those deadlines. I learned how to give presentations online, how to act in an office and how to interact with team members. gave me the experience I would have never acquired in my school. It gave me the opportunity to be an intern, an employee and a student. I got the experience my school would have never given me. has helped me on every step I will take towards my career.

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